Innovation, Expertise and Technology: the right solution always racing by your side

We design, develop and manufacture exhaust systems and complex parts combining lightweight materials and high-tech solutions.

We leverage on the competence of our highly specialized technicians mixed with the expertise of our skilled workforce.

Building on our heritage, we keep on evolving our approach to deliver innovative solutions, ensuring quality, performance, and competitiveness.


The enthusiasm and commitment of our dedicated Team is key to delivering winning services and components.
We feel part of the game, we strive on challenges.
This is the energy to fuel our engine.
Racing is passion first.


Motorsport has been in our DNA from the very foundation of our Company. Since our origin we have provided best in class performance exhaust systems and components for Manufacturers and Teams in any sort of race environment.

From track to road and off-road competitions, in decades we have contributed to power the most prestigious race cars, motorcycles, and even powerboats, from F1 to the most renowned single-marque championships.


The experience gained in conception and manufacturing of exhaust systems has gathered a great expertise of welding and fabrication of parts in special materials such as Inconel and nickel-based superalloys, Titanium, different grades of Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Our competence also includes tube bending and forming, sheet metal pressing, heat-shielding, machining, additive manufacturing and after-print machining.


Much of our work is for the development and prototype side of performance engineering. All along the value creation, from design and simulation to manufacturing and quality testing, we rely on a unique value proposition that combines traditional and innovative technologies.

We blend expertise with technology capabilities to allow the integration and implementation of the ideal solution for our clients.